Posted on: November 27, 2008 12:30 am


i feel the Dodgers could put a starting rotation compared to the atlanta Braves of the 90s and earlier these decade! if the dodgers could sighn c.c. and trade for peavy and holloway those three guys would be just like glavine,maddox and smoltz. yes we would have to give a lot up in our farm system but we would have the next decade to restock it. of course the dodgers would have to sighn them to long term deals to. plus instead of bringing manny back they should go after texiera hes younger and doesnt have the clubhouse problems manny has. the protential of manny getting upset is going to happen its amatter of when! dont take me wrong i believe mannys a stud look what he did for the dodgers last year! but the facts are hes up there in age and is starting to lose a step and hes been a club house killer when things dont go his way! i would also go after sheets just think if the dodgers hade those four players who are young and not over there prime like players they have mention randy johnson whos 40 what? and andy petite who can still pitch but is past his prime like jason scmitt! i am tired as a dodger fan of all these quick fixes. we have a bad history of givng bad contracts to players over there prime nomar g, andrew jones and jeff kent who is a club house killer with his atitude. i feel the dodgers could do something special these off season. there is so many good young players out there in free agent market that could propel the dodgers to the top for years to come. granted i dont believe the dodgers will pull these off but it never hurts ti wish!!
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